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Rise early to a crisp Vermont morning. The sun is up early too. Step out of your motel room and have a quick breakfast. While having breakfast it is also time to plan lunch. Lunch promises to be an all you can eat feast. However, lunch comes with a small catch, whatever you want to eat you have to carry. There are no convenience stores on the trail and no delivery services out there either. So, you plan accordingly and grab some fruit, homemade granola, maybe a PB&J and even a cookie or two.

Official trail guide Rachel Weinrich

Official trail guide, Rachel Weinrich

The experienced guide assures you that she hasn’t lost anyone on the trail, yet.

Take a deep breath. Welcome to the Appalachian Trail.

The AT is a legendary hike stretching from Georgia to Maine. The walk is approximately 2,200 miles long and runs through 14 states. It claims to be the longest hiking only trail in the world.

We hike several sections of the AT and will take you on one of the sections of the trail. You will be part of a small group, maximum 12 hikers plus a guide. Usually we also have a second guide who is stationed in the rear of the group.

Our hikes go from six to ten miles long. We hike rain or shine. The trail and the temperature are uneven. It might be muddy. It will be both up and down. Maybe some wildlife too. And it will be a grand time.

The Aerie Inn of Vermont guided hiking tours flyer

Now offering guided hiking tours

There will be plenty of time for photos, social media sharing, some education about both the AT and the nature around you.

At the end of the day everyone will agree on at least two things. Those cookies really taste good on top of the mountain and thank goodness the shuttle driver remembered to come back.

For information on hiking dates contact the Aerie Inn at or call us at 802 362 1208. Our trips involve a one night (or more) stay at the Aerie Inn. Due to the small size of the groups our hikes can fill up. If there is a need we will attempt to offer another hike during the same time period.